Long Buckby Pottery

Local pottery made from local clay in Long Buckby

A journey of handmade pottery starting with digging our clay from our local park, Cotton End Park, which in the 19th century also supplied clay to Long Buckby Brickworks.

Photos with volunteers of Long Buckby Green Spaces, Cotton End Park, Long Buckby, 2019 by Blanka Gal http://www.itsaboutyouphoto.com/

Cotton End Park Volunteers

Long Buckby Pottery and volunteers ofLong Buckby Green Spaces
Long Buckby Pottery and Long Buckby Green Spaces volunteers
Long Buckby Pottery Brown Vase

Nature at its best

At Long Buckby Pottery, we make the finest pots from the clay at Cotton End Park. This example has a strong rustic feel and would look great in any home.

Long Buckby Pottery bud vases

pots for flowers

These two pots elegantly show off local flowers, all of which can be seen in Cotton End Park. It's a great place to bring the family too.

Long Buckby Pottery Laura ready for digging clay
Laura Howard

I'm the founder of Long Buckby Pottery. Discovering that my local park used to supply clay for the brickworks here years ago, inspired me to find out more, and eventually adopt the local clay for use in all my pots.

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